TC90 Traction Mats

Slightly less chemical resistant than Safety Pad II FRTC90 Traction Mats are ideal for preventing employees, clients and customers from slip/fall type accidents.

We offer a 1" thick version as a cost-effective option for the areas surrounding the rotary table.

Stainless steel studs and drainage grooves are molded into the surface to assist in the control of fluids that can accumulate during drilling operations. A non-skid coating seals the mats, while providing additional traction and durability. It creates a barrier of protection from chemicals, diesel, other corrosive fluids and ultra-violet rays.


  • Customizable to any size or shape
  • Easily Installed - Reducing Labor Intensive Installation Time & Costs
  • Improves Workplace Safety
  • Long Lasting (2-3 times longer than other solutions)


  • High Traction Surface - Prevent Slips & Falls
  • Stress & Impact Resistant
  • Flexible, Durable Design
  • Highly Durable, Chemical & Corrosive Resistant