SAFEGUARD® Hi-Traction Step Covers

Most slips on steps occur at the leading edge of a step, especially when the metal, wood or concrete surface becomes worn and the edge rounded. Water, ice, dust, dirt, grease or oil on the stairs further accentuates the problem, making for a dangerous condition.

Non-load bearing SAFEGUARD® Step Covers are designed to fit over existing steps, providing a brand new surface with durable antislip performance. They cover the leading edge, providing excellent traction that exceeds OSHA standards, even in adverse conditions. Convert your steps to safety treads.

SAFEGUARD® Step Covers are installed on steps around the world in a wide range of markets, in both new construction projects and in retrofit applications. Retrofitting SAFEGUARD® Step Covers both provides a non slip stair and avoids the high cost of replacing worn stair treads.

Safeguard offers its Hi-Traction Covers in a range of sizes, base constructions, colors and grits, with complete installation instructions provided.

Standard Sizes

Width of Step: 19-24” 25-30” 31-36” 37-42” 43-48” 49-54”
Step Cover Length (A): 18” 24” 30” 36” 42” 48”
Step Cover Depth (B): Each of the above lengths (A) is available in depths (B) of 3, 6, 9, and 12”
Step Covers

Non-Standard Sizes

Safeguard can supply any anti-slip step cover, with the following limits in length:

  • up to 120” (10 feet) long in FRP, with up to a maximum depth of 12”
  • up to 48” (4 feet) long in steel, with any depth needed

NOTE: The depth of the tread covered depends on the circumstances. All SAFEGUARD® Step Covers wrap over the front edge, where most slips occur. However there can be special situations that require extra care. For example:

  • For high heel traffic on grating steps, most or all of the tread must be covered.
  • For frequently wet or oily steps – cover at least 6”

For more detailed information visit the Safeguard website.