Safety Pad AF

Safety Pad AF anti-fatigue safety mats improve ergonomics, body mechanics and enhance the workplace by providing an immediate performance boost. The body is designed to move and be dynamic. Standing in a static position for long periods of time can result in strain and fatigue on the body. Safety Pad AF can instantaneously make tasks more comfortable and efficient, thereby improving productivity.

As with all of our safety mats we've continued to manufacture this version using the same highly regarded polymer blends that out perform & outlast our leading competitors. Safety Pad AF is also available in the Arctic version.

Safety Pad AF comes standard with a low traction profile but can be manufactured with stainless steel studs upon request.


  • Prevents Slip & Fall Injuries
  • Increases Workplace Comfort & Well-Being
  • Environmentally Pro-active
  • Anti-fatigue Properties - Reducing Chronic Bodily Injuries
  • Easily Integrated for Portable & Permanent Installations
  • Reduces Costs


  • Non-skid Coating
  • Hazard Identification
  • Anti-fungal & UV Protective Properties
  • Arctic version available