Arctic Pad

The Arctic Pad® is a heavy duty HEATED rubber mat system that has been developed to improve upon current Anti-icing and De-icing methods, while increasing safety by providing a durable non-slip surface for Arctic & Harsh Environments.

Embedded within the core is a version of "Self-Regulating Heat Trace" (EHT) which is commonly used throughout many industry sectors for freeze protection in Ordinary & Hazardous locations/environments. By embedding EHT within our heavy duty polymers the Arctic Pad® provides a number of key advantages when compared to typical heat trace installations.

How It Works

When energized the heating core of the Arctic Pad® works by automatically adjusting to the changing ambient temperatures without any special or sophisticated controls generating a prescribed amount of energy or heat.

For example: as the ambient temperature drops, the number of electrical paths between the EHT bus wires increases precisely where and when it is needed, generating more heat. Conversely as the ambient temperature rises, the core of the EHT reverses and reduces the number of electrical paths, producing less heat, ultimately moving into a cycle of maintenance. This simple and proven technology and materials combined with the high thermal mass of the polymer compounds provides increased energy efficiency over alternative solutions.

For more detailed information visit the AMS website.

Key Advantages

  • Easily Installed - Reduce Labor Intensive Installation Time & Costs
  • Improved Heat Distribution and Heat Retention
  • Improved Energy Efficiency with Cycling
  • High Traction Surface - Prevent Slips & Falls
  • Stress & Impact Resistant
  • Flexible, Durable Design Eliminates Repair & Replacement Costs
  • Light Weight vs Heat Trace in Concrete/Epoxy
  • Reduces Overall Costs
  • Minimal Power Consumption


  • Platforms and Landings
  • Walkways and Stair Treads
  • Egress/Escape Routes
  • Muster Stations
  • Marine & Topside Decks
  • Drilling Rig floors
  • Pipe Rack / Setback Mats
  • Wind turbine work platforms
  • Vessels Topsides
  • Anti-fatigue Heated Pads