Since 1979 Custom Safety Products has manufactured the original non-skid, positive traction pads for the different work areas on the rig floor.

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Safety Pad II FR

Over 8,000 rigs worldwide have used the Safety Pad II FR with outstanding results. Molded from a high strength 100% solid urethane elastomer, this high-traction sfaety mat work surface can be custom molded to fit rotary tables, drill rig floors and any other critical work or walk area.

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Safety Pad CS150 Pipe Rack

The high density 100% solid urethane elastomer CS-150 Pipe Rack Mat has long been proven to improve the efficiency of tripping pipe by reducing potential lost time and eliminating unnecessary risks. These pads are built to withstand the compression and weight of drill pipes and resist the effects of invert and other corrosive drilling fluids.

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Safety Pad III FR

Using the same urethane and maintaining the high standards as industry leading Safety Pad II FR, Safety Pad III FR offers a traction pattern that is molded into the surface of the safety mat. Because of the new design, we are able to offer this low-cost alternative.

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Safety Pad AF

Safety Pad AF anti-fatigue pads improve ergonomics, body mechanics and enhance the workplace. Our anti-fatigue safety mats instantaneously make tasks more comfortable and efficient, thereby improving productivity.

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Arctic Pad

This all-season traction pad provides the combined benefits and comforts of self-regulating radiant heat within the legendary Safety Pad II FR or the new Safety Pad III FR.

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TC90 Traction Mats

Slightly less chemical resistant than Safety Pad II FR, this urethane elastomer blend combines high strength and elongation for the areas surrounding the rotary table.

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Safeguard® Hi-Traction Step Covers

Non-load bearing SAFEGUARD® Step Covers are designed to fit over existing steps, providing a brand new surface with durable antislip performance.

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  • Custom Safety Products, Inc. is an authorized representative for Advanced Mat Systems and Safeguard Technology. All other products viewed on this website are manufactured by Custom Safety Products, Inc. in Friendswood, Texas USA.

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